Gypsy + Magnolia mixes your favorite bohemian muses, from Jimmy Page to Penny Lane, with southern hospitality to create a style that will have you leaving looking and feeling like a rock star. 

Our purpose is to offer people clothes that have a story. Whether it is a necklace that is handmade by a friend and local artist or an embroidered coat from Australia that tells a story of another culture,” said Angela Leberte, co-owner of Gypsy and Magnolia. 

The interactive interior of the store has star quality amenities such as old concert footage constantly streaming and a disco ball always twirling above you while you shop, but you don't need a back stage pass to shop here. 

“Gypsy and Magnolia bridges the gap between what’s old and new by offering vintage inspired yet timeless pieces with soul." 

Come Shop with Mama Gypsy and Angie

Gypsy and magnolia about us

258 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30305



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